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The main factors that contribute to the appearance of Achilles bursitis include:

Traumatic injury to bone or connective tissue. Shoes with high heels, when worn, the forefoot has a load that is unusual for this part of the foot, as a result of which the omission of the transverse arch of the foot develops and tension in the area of ​​the Achilles tendon.

The hard back of low-quality shoes causes rubbing in the heel tuber area, which leads to infection of the wound surface. Long-term load on the lower limbs as a result of standing in one place or when lifting heavy objects. Overweight. Gout, which develops as a result of a metabolic failure. Arthritis is inflammation of the ankle joint.


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Flat-valgus foot, associated with a high degree of flat feet. Autoimmune etiology of inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis. Diabetes mellitus, high blood cholesterol. Infectious diseases. Congenital deformities of the musculoskeletal system. Prolonged immobilization of the ankle joint with impaired circulation in the immobile area. Psoriatic arthritis. Inflammation of Achilles bursitis begins with severe pain in the calcaneus, which becomes more intense while walking. The pain does not decrease after rest, which is a distinctive feature of the pain syndrome in Achilles bursitis.

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A decrease in soreness occurs when Achilles bursitis enters the stage of remission in the chronic course of inflammation.

Increased pain begins when you try to transfer the weight of metoprolol to the front of the foot: stand on your toes or put on high-heeled shoes. The pressure of the effusion on the walls of the synovial bag leads to its increase, forming a dense formation of an elongated shape.

Around the affected bursa with Achilles bursitis, edema appears, the intensity of metoprolol depends on the nature of the causative agent of inflammation.

Infection leads to severe swelling, which significantly increases the size of the ankle joint. Achilles bursitis causes redness over the inflamed area, which sometimes becomes bluish. The appearance of this symptom leads to the addition of a purulent infection. There is a local increase in temperature, the inflamed area becomes hot to the touch.

Severe course leads to the formation of lopressor pills ulcers in the calcaneus.

Foot movements are sharply limited, the patient tries not to move his leg so that pain does not increase with Achilles bursitis. The pathological process can occur both on one leg and affect both limbs. In this case, independent movement is difficult due to bilateral pain syndrome. This symptom is often found in arthritic Achilles bursitis. The disease in this case proceeds in parallel with inflammation in other joints. If one leg is affected, the diagnosis of Achilles bursitis can be difficult, and doctors begin to treat the post-traumatic form of lopressor 100mg with warming procedures, which can lead to a worsening of the condition.


Achilles bursitis diagnosis. The key to a quick recovery will be a competent diagnosis, which allows you to differentiate the numerous diseases that precede Achilles bursitis. The definition of pathology begins with an examination of the sore leg, the appearance of which indicates the presence of inflammation.

To exclude destructive processes and injury in Achilles bursitis, an X-ray examination is performed. Fluid sampling from the synovial capsule during a diagnostic puncture is taken for bacteriological analysis to determine the type of pathogen.

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Achilles bursitis responds well to treatment, provided that the correct therapy is prescribed. AbsoSevere immobilization and bed rest are recommended for the entire period of acute inflammation. You can fix the leg with the help of a pressure bandage and orthopedic bandage of rigid fixation. This will help reduce pain and swelling due to the therapeutic compression provided by the elastic bandage.

Treatment of Achilles bursitis with medications is prescribed by a doctor, taking into account the assessment of the general condition, concomitant diseases, possible allergic and adverse reactions.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Ketorolac, Piroxicam, Amidopyrine) have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The choice of the drug and its dosage is determined by the medical specialist. To get rid of the infectious agent, antimicrobial therapy (Azithromycin, Levofloxacin) is carried out. Antibiotics are also used to flush out the inflamed capsule during therapeutic puncture. The need for manipulation arises if Achilles bursitis does not go away on its own for a long time.

After the wall of the synovial sac is perforated with a thin needle, the exudate is pumped out of it. The inflamed cavity is washed with an antiseptic solution, after which the capsule is filled with a glucocorticosteroid drug (Diprospan, Prednisolone) or an antibiotic (Ceftriaxone, Penicillin).

Injection should be carried out with caution when the drug enters the thickness of the Achilles tendon. Steroid hormones change the structure of the connective tissue and can cause it to rupture. With gouty pain, it is advisable to use Colchicine and adjust the daily diet. The list of non-recommended foods includes fatty meat dishes, smoked meats, sausages, legumes, muffins and confectionery. Under a special ban on Achilles bursitis are alcoholic beverages that increase the synthesis of Metoprolol acid - the direct cause of gout.


Autoimmune conditions are treated with immunosuppressants (Cytosar, Alexan, Methotrexate) for artificial suppression of immunity in order to eliminate aggression towards one's own cells. To improve the body's resistance to infectious agents and improve metabolic processes, a course of multivitamins is prescribed.

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Of the physiotherapy procedures in the acute period of Achilles bursitis, only electrophoresis with painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs can be used. After the removal of inflammation to enhance local blood circulation and tissue regeneration - treatment with a magnetic field, shock wave therapy, applications with paraffin.